Arlen, Tim & Tammy

LocationAix-en-Provence, France
PositionLead Pastor of the International Christian Community of Provence
Staff ID40160

We have tried our best to make the controlling purpose of our lives our Lord's Great Commission; "Go and make disciples among the nations" (Mt. 28:19). For almost 27 years now we have pursued this call upon our lives based here in the United States. Yet, for all our married lives we have desired a "divine appointment" to extend God's Kingdom globally right on the "front lines", so to speak. And now our gracious God has opened the way for us to proclaim the Gospel of His salvation in the south of France. Frankly, we are surprised by God's will for this next step in ministry! We never pursued a position in France. We confessed to God we would go wherever He led the way. And He has clearly convinced our hearts He has lead us to the church in Aix-en-Provence. We are humbled by this opportunity, because we know the "ground is hard" and any fruit will come from our utter dependence upon the Lord's wisdom and from trusting and obeying Him. 

We are genuinely excited to stretch our faith by following Christ in this risky, new adventure. We have counted the cost. Following Christ involves loss, and for us that is experienced most keenly in leaving our five grown children and one precious grandson behind. But following Christ also involves great gain. And we have concluded that Jesus is worthy of our joyful and sacrificial loss of all things for the glory of His Name. In a country the experts tell us is about 1% Evangelical Christian, we are honored and privileged to lay our lives down to make brand new disciples of our God and King. And we look forward to the day we will see Jesus face-to-face and thank Him for giving His all to us.