Fritsch, Marcus & Karen

Bio/Description: Marcus and Karen live and serve in Sweden but they're both Germans. They've been married for 20 years and have two boys (Ole, 16 and Nils, 14) and one girl (Svea Nadia, 12). Karen is a nurse and Marcus used to work as a biomedical engineer when God called them into ministry through their church in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. Marcus studied theology at CIU in Columbia, SC and Korntal, Germany and holds an MDiv in missiology. Relevant ministry in secular societies has always been one of their big passions and so it wasn't surprising that God led them to serve with CA. 2006 they followed an invitation to Sweden to do cultural studies and develop a new church project from scratch in order to reach out to one of the world's most secular societies.

One of Marcus' secret reasons to move to Sweden was his hope for indulging again one of his passions, fishing. For since he started dating with Karen he has never ever caught a fish anymore. It hasn't changed so far…

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