Kuiper, Aline

Aline_Kuiper.jpgI was born and raised in the Netherlands, and I studied Spanish (as well as French and EU law) at the University of Amsterdam. Since then, my love for this country and its passionate people has grown ever since.  After a discipleship training with YWAM in Madrid in 2004, my desire to be involved in missions got a boost.

Starting to search for mission opportunities in Latin America, where I had spent 2 years working with street children, God surprised me by calling me as a missionary to Europe: Valencia, Spain.  Initially, I started with the mission organization YWAM in 2009, but this ministry came to an end after 5 years. Yet, I had a strong impression that I had to stay put in Valencia.  

In 2014, a CA team came to Valencia to start a new church plant.  And yes, it seemed to be the perfect match!  Today I am excited to be a part of a dynamic team of 6 people, with whom I can share the same passion and vision:  transmitting the gospel in a culturally relevant way in Ruzafa (the neighborhood in Valencia where we live), serving the inhabitants, building friendships and showing Jesus´ love and grace in daily life. We also choose to use creative, artistic ways to tell God´s story. Looking so much forward to seeing a community of believers grow in Ruzafa!

- A fun fact about me is that when I was about 15 years old, out of the blue I bought my first LP (the black vinyl ones :) of Spanish flamenco music and started to draw flamenco dancers as I loved drawing. My family was surprised, and had no idea where that came from, as they had no sort of interest in Spain at all!