Wolfe, Jack & Stephanie

LocationAtlanta, Georgia
PositionLead Pastor, Epic Faith & Epic Family Life Center
Staff ID42360

Jack and Stephanie were high school sweethearts and still are - even after 40 years of marriage! The Wolfes raised two fine sons: Jeremy and his wife Shana, and son Caleb live nearby, while Chad, Annie and 2 daughters Isabella and Reegan live in Houston, TX. Both boys also married their high school sweethearts!

Both leaders in their own right, Jack describes himself and Stephanie as Velcro! They live just north of Atlanta, Georgia where they moved to plant a church in 1988.  In 2001, a search began for bigger impact instead of bigger church, and Jack discovered the book "The Shaping of Things to Come" by Alan Hirsch.  Their ministry has never been the same.  

Eyes and hearts wide open, they moved to a 7-acre property and turned it into a 3rd place ministry by providing fun for the entire family with a mission to live "in and among" and build a 7-day a week relationship with the community.  Epic Faith is the community of faith, and the Epic Family Life Center is the way they shine the light of Jesus to the world (or at least their corner of it).

This type of ministry in their local community is as strange as it is unique. (Strange to some, and unique to others.)

The challenges are many, but the real life stories of living with a Sermon on the Mount mentality are numerous and very rewarding. Epic Faith will continue to use their efforts and resources for further kingdom impact through this partnership with CA.

Jack and Stephanie say, "The Epic Faith mission statement is simple: Love God. Love Others." Once we get that, we will move on.(ha!) We are very new to CA, but feel that we have found our long, lost family! We look forward to supporting CA’s efforts in North America and around the world."