McCartan, Dianna

LocationMaplewood, MN USA
PositionTeam leader
Staff ID41340

Bio/Description: I'm a single mom of two teenage sons, Ryan and Eric. Currently I am employed with Wells Fargo as a Compliance Consultant and love the opportunity to be a kingdom bringer in the corporate world. I have a Masters in Theology from Bethel Seminary, am a part time Ramsey County Sheriff Chaplain and spend a lot of time with The Lift CDC, an inner city ministry working in the realms of social justice and reconciliation with families living in poverty. I'm an evangelist, teacher and encourager.

In my down time I like to bike, read, do house projects, create and watch my sons play music or sports. My oldest is an amazing guitar player and the youngest is an amazing lacrosse player. (Well, to me they are amazing ;)).

If you ever wondered if God really redeems, let me sit down with you and share my family's story.   We have been lifted from the depths, and we rejoice in our Savior. It's a story I will never tire of sharing.

My heart is to bring forth expressions of Church into the lives of people who wouldn't typically shadow the doors of a traditional church. I find that most people aren't in rebellion to God as much as they simply don't know him, or they have a twisted idea of who God is. Communitas Twin Cities is built to be missional in its core- and to seek God in the process. We do this by serving together in the community, realizing God's heart for the same things we care about and seeking to follow Jesus from whatever part of the journey we are on.

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