Harvey, Bryon

Bio/Description: Bryon is married to Jennifer and has two children, Brenda and Jonathan. Jen grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, and Bryon is an Army Brat who lived in Germany, California, Kentucky, and Louisiana before his dad retired and moved their family to the suburbs of Detroit.

Bryon has been serving in ministry for over 13 years. He has led several ministries at different churches and also launched ministries as well. In 2011 Bryon and Jen moved to Ann Arbor, MI to launch Agape Ann Arbor a new missional community experiencing and expressing God’s love. Bryon is also a Technical Sergeant in the Michigan Air National Guard and has been in the military since 2001. Jen is the founder and managing partner of Harvey Legal Group, a law firm focusing on estate planning and probate that she launched in 2004.

Bryon and Jen enjoy theater, Michigan football, Red Wing hockey, and spending time with their children.

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