Swacina, Amy

LocationValencia, Spain
PositionChurch Planter
Staff ID51990

Bio/Description: I was born in Chicago, grew up in Maryland, and went to college at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. During high school and college I studied German, which first introduced me to the need for Christ in Europe and felt a pull in this direction since I was about 15 yrs old. My parents also run a Christian Ministry in Maryland, which I believe opened the doors for me to feel able to take this sort of leap of faith. I have two brothers and a sister-in-law that live in Maryland and Michigan. (I miss my family a lot!!!) But…

I have been church planting in Madrid since January of 2006. Having never studied Spanish, it's funny that I ended up in Spain, but I absolutely love my life and my community here. I think it is important to express church in a different way; try new things, take risks, and generally just be about grace, discipleship, and Jesus. One of my biggest passions is dance and I am blessed to be able to use that gift as part of my ministry!

Having lived in Madrid for 5 summers now, I feel as though I am an expert at keeping a house without air conditioning cool in the heat of the desert summer. Never knew that was something I'd learn when I embarked on this adventure!!!

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