City Life - Leuven

CityLife Leuven is a Christian church-community committed to cultivate lives of faith, love and hope. We express ourselves through various initiatives in the city and welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey.
Her a poem written about the reason for CityLife Leuven...

They said no one’s interested. That there is no hunger.
They said to leave it alone, because it’s already dead.

But we couldn’t leave it at that.
We stand convinced that people long for life to the fullest and there is One who is able to give that life.

And because people are spiritually open, they are open to
and maybe even Jesus.

If only they had a place to honestly process.
If only they could belong before they believed.
If only they could experience belief in a way that is relevant to their life.

Then belief may become a reality in their souls
And in turn, a transforming reality in their cities.

And that is what CityLife is all about.

One of the key partnership projects of CityLife Leuven is Serve the City Leuven, an initiative to mobilize volunteers to help people in need, believing that everyone can serve to make the world a better place! The inspiration from Serve the City comes from the life and message of Jesus Christ.