City Church - Munich

We believe that God has called us to begin a high-impact church in Munich, out of which other churches in Munich and beyond will emerge. Our goal is to see a church grow in Munich that reaches multitudes of non-believers, enabling them to become devoted followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our initial focus during the first five years will be on the emerging generation of 18-40 year olds. Our long term vision is to penetrate the entire city of Munich with the gospel, so that Munich will be transformed and the people of Munich will glorify God. He has placed a desire in our hearts to see transformation and revival take place in the city.

We believe that within ten years, we can become a highly influential church in the city, reaching large numbers of people and planting other churches in Munich and around the world. 

What is CityChurch Munich going to look like? 
We have developed a four-fold strategy to reach the young generation of Munich:

  1. Public Venue

    We will not own a church building! Our goal is to have worship celebrations in a public venue. We believe that the unchurched citizens of Munich will appreciate a worship service that is seeker-sensitive, filled with spirit, and celebrates art, especially if it happens in a place that they visit in their leisure time. We hope to hold meetings in a well-known location in one of Munich's trendy areas and are looking forward to checking out theaters, movie theaters, clubs, restaurants, and other venues for this purpose.
  2. Missional Living

    The main parts of our church life and evangelistic efforts take place during the week. One of our core values is to let church grow where life happens. Munich is a place where people spend a great deal of time outside and in public places. Imagine groups of young believers practicing their faith in Munich's central park, the English Garden, in the various beer gardens, in street cafés, neighborhoods, and pubs. Our goal is to train our core church to live missionally in the places where we normally hang out, and establish a structure of organically reproducing small groups of different kinds. Multiplication is the key for our small gatherings throughout the week.
  3. Loving our Neighbors

    Our goal is to make our church known as a group of people who care and serve the city and its residents. We will serve people in need wherever they are, including in prisons, nursing homes, and financial challenges.
  4. Multiplication

    CityChurch's vision is to be a church that plants other churches. This is how we hope to have a larger impact on Munich, other areas of Germany and Europe.