Communitas Twin Cities - Minneapolis

Seeking God serving others:
Communitas Twin Cities is a missional church serving the Mpls/St Paul area.  Our passion is to be a community that serves the world around us, recognizing that the heart we have  to care for the oppressed and having mercy on the poor and suffering reflects the very heart God has for His creation.  
We believe this also is a  call that draws people to God in unique ways.  In serving together we experience unity.

Many feel far from God's heart, and for some 'church' hasn't helped them feel any closer.  We want to help people grow in knowing God and who they are as His creation; to see God while serving others.    We desire to bridge the disconnects that exist of who God is, to discover together the reflection of his Kingdom to the world around us and in our own lives.  

Our intent is to be 'church' in one of its most impactful yet purest forms; one that resembles what Jesus came to this earth to build.

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