Vida Raiz - Costa Rica

LocationCosta Rica
Staff ID70550

VR Logo revised.pngVida Raiz is a holistic community development project which encourages people to grow their own food in a sustainable, organic way. We do this by creating community gardens, building in-home raised beds, and providing education to those interested in sustainable agriculture. Vida Raiz works in conjunction with existing Christian ministries to share the love of Christ with those who would not normally step inside a church setting. We believe that people will come to experience Christ’s love by building authentic relationships, living side by side with the community, and experiencing life together.  

The purpose of Vida Raiz is to create disciples of Christ (spiritual), to encourage and re-introduce the value of growing food organically (health education), the importance of caring for the earth (sustainably living), to become less reliant on industry (self sufficient), and to develop local leaders to carry on the mission of Christ (leadership development).

For more information, please connect with Marco and Talitha Ulloa.