Missionary Postcard

Missionary postcards are a tool you can use to share what God is doing in your life with your ministry partners. Below is an example of the postcard design. Please fill out the form and choose the number of cards you would like to have quoted. Shipping and handling will be added to the final cost of your order, and please note that PRICES MAY CHANGE.

Be sure to write and edit your responses offline (Word or similar) and copy them into this form. If the form does not save properly, you will need your responses saved offline. A successful submission takes you to another webpage that says, "Thank you for your submission."

We will send you a proof of the artwork before we send it to print, as well as the total cost. If you have any questions please email usoffice@gocommunitas.org.




 150 - $100.00
 200 - $110.00
 300 - $130.00
 400 - $175.00
 500 - $175.00