Rita Warren

Rita_Warren_Summit2014-2.jpgRita Warren has served on the board of Communitas for almost 20 years, and as Board Chair for nine years.  She is passionate about the ministry and the people of Communitas and, along with her husband Michael, has traveled to many of the locations where Communitas is ministering, including three times to Russia.

She loves to teach women in particular about how to live biblically, with subject matter ranging from marriage and parenting to serving God and finishing well, and everything in between.  She also speaks frequently about finances and how your money and what you own can make a difference in and for the Kingdom of God.

At home, she and Michael lead two small groups, one of which has been in existence for almost 20 years and started when the couples in it were newlyweds.  She is a frequent teacher and speaker at both her own church, Calvary Community in Westlake Village, and around the Conejo Valley, in Southern California.

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