Church Planter - Algeciras, Spain


The most important port on the Mediterranean Sea is that of Algeciras, as it connects Africa to Europe. It’s a beautifully diverse city, but if you look closer, it’s apparent that the emotional needs are great. We, a Spanish couple with 2 elementary-aged children are excited to partner with God in what He is doing in this city and we are looking to grow our team! We’re looking for individuals, couples or families who are good at connecting with other people.  We are looking for people who are willing to engage others and share God’s love with others in sometimes hostile environments.  Are you willing and able to love people where they are at? Are you patient as you engage with people and their processes? Are you passionate about helping others make their lives better?

Do you perhaps also like nature, culture or sports? Do you naturally engage with and bless young people? Do you have gifts that could help, engage with and inspire others (like hiking, cycling, sailing, surfing, musical gifts, etc.)? How might you engage with these young people using the gifts/passions/interests that you’ve been given?

Wanna learn more about this position? Please check out the full Opportunity Profile here. Are you thinking this may sound like you? Then please fill out our contact form here and let’s see where this goes! We’d love to further explore this with you!