Announcing Our New Partnership with Forge

Below is a press release announcing our new partnership with Forge Mission Training Network! 



Christian Associates International and Forge Mission Training Network form strategic partnership. International church planting organization to collaborate with the leading international missional training network on a new level.

Denver, CO: Today, Christian Associates International (CA), a global church planting network, and Forge Mission Training Network, a global network committed to nurturing and coaching missional pioneers, announced that they have formed a strategic partnership to advance efforts to mobilize catalytic church planters around the world.

While a healthy informal relationship has long existed between the two groups, this new level of involvement and collaboration will bring greater synergy to the efforts of each organization's vision to resource and nurture the missional church across the globe.

Alan Hirsch, founder of Forge Mission Training Network and former associate member of the CA Leadership Team, had this to say about the new collaborative partnership: "It warms my heart to see two organizations I love working together in a strategic partnership that extends from North America to Europe and around the globe. I look forward to seeing what God will do through it."

The Forge Mission Training Network provides strategic thought leadership and practical training that is fueling the missional incarnational conversation worldwide. It deploys unique, hands-on learning cohorts across the globe to train women and men in missional theology and practice. Scores of innovative churches and pioneering leaders have been inspired by Forge to rethink their approach to church in ways that align more closely with the missionary calling of the Body of Christ.

CA has been planting churches and resourcing innovative church leaders since 1980 and currently has 70 churches and projects in Europe, North America, and Latin America. It provides the ongoing support structures and relationships necessary for missional leaders to follow through on their strategic plans to embody and announce the Good News of God's Kingdom through church planting.

CA plans to integrate Forge training content more thoroughly into its church planting strategy and implementation for new church planters. It will also offer the training curriculum to current church projects and encourage them to launch local Forge training hubs in their cities.

Forge plans to present CA as a potential next step for those program participants who have moved through the full scope of Forge training, who wish to pursue church planting or other missional initiatives, and who are not already affiliated with a host denomination or other association.

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