Miracle of Transformations

russia orphan grads.jpgNEAR MOSCOW, RUSSIA

Shared by a Russian CA staff member

Imagine yourself not knowing family life at all. Not your own family and parents, but any family. You have never experienced family dinner around one table. You have never seen your mom cooking food, cleaning a house or washing clothes.

You always were treated like a moron, an unwanted object, who is not worth any personal attention. Nobody came to you when you cried as a baby. So you stopped crying. Nobody hugged you when you desperately asked for love and tenderness as a child. So you stopped believing in love.

During your growing up time nobody was thinking that you had emotions, desires, joys and problems. Most people in your life were simply indifferent. They brought you food and watched that you followed the strict rules of the institution. You lived like in prison, where strict overseers treated you like an animal. Nobody told them that you are a human being, carrying the same image of God inside. 

This is a horrible picture, isn't it? How would you feel if at the age of 16 you have to leave this institution you hate, but also depend on? Vita, Alexey, Dasha, Marina, Olya are victims of this attitude. They are smart, good-looking and mostly healthy, but it takes very little time to see that they are deeply damaged. And this damage goes way beyond just lack of education or practical life skills. They are lost in just every aspect of life.

Could their lives be changed?  Could they overcome past experience and become responsible, independent, loving men and women? Present statistics, teachers, social workers and officials confidently say «No». God's grace says "Yes, there is nothing impossible for me". 

Vita, Alexey, Dasha, Marina and Olya are potential new students of our "Transition Home", sponsored by CA churches in Russia and serving the least of these as the hands of Christ. From September of 2016 their lives will make a sharp turn. They will move into a regular apartment and finally experience good conditions of living. They will get personal responsibility, where their achievements will be celebrated. They will cook, wash, clean, buy and make decisions by themselves. They will submerge in to loving community, where God will be healing their  hearts day by day. And we pray that in two years we can celebrate new stories of miracle transformations.

And just like Vitya, Masha, Marina, Kolya, Alyona, Gena, Sasha and others graduates of our "Transition Home" in years gone by, these kids could also move on and enjoy healthy, happy and blessed lives!

Our God is Almighty King - there is nothing impossible for Him! He is our rock and hope. And despite of objective reality, apathy of people around and government restrictions He will continue His work and lives of unprivileged and suffering people will be changed and healed. Our churches are humbled to be part of this amazing work... to be Jesus' hands and feet among those in true need. We are grateful to serve Jesus together with you as your generosity glorifies God and opens door for true miracles of transformations. 

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