A New Start for Roland

Feb 21, 2017

Roland.jpegLast March, Communitas International's Diakonos church in Indianapolis was contacted by a local hospital seeking assistance for Roland, a man who was going to be homeless upon discharge. Roland was in the hospital for alcoholic seizures and lung problems due to asthma and emphysema. Roland found himself with no place to go upon discharge because he had lost his apartment. He was drinking his life away and his future was dim.

Our missionary, Leon, visited with Roland and gave him some recovery home options to consider. At first, Roland thought, "Me in recovery? No way!" However, after a short time, he reconsidered. He knew if he went back to drinking, he would not last long. Through Diakonos and "Food 4 Souls," our outreach to our local friends without homes, we were able to connect Roland with a recovery house that we felt would be a good place for him. He was a little fearful not knowing what to expect going into recovery but he went.

The first month and a half were rough, though.  A week into his stay, Roland had a severe asthma attack and ended up in the ICU of another hospital for two weeks. There was some concern that he would not recover from this.  We followed his progress through the hospital and the physical rehab facility he was moved to. After a few weeks, though, he was ready to be discharged again. By staying in touch through the whole medical process, we were able to help him reenter his recovery program.

He now says that it was the best thing that happened to him. During his stay at the recovery house, he came to the realization that many of the things that happened to him up to that point were his fault. He needed guidance and to learn how to live again. The house gave him structure and a place to heal. Since being at the house, Roland’s life has changed completely. He has found God again and has given the Lord his will. He now lets God run the show.

Roland is clean and sober today! He is looking forward to participating in volunteer opportunities and helping others find what he found, a chance at life again. Regarding the role we had in his recovery, he says, “Food 4 Souls are really good people, nothing but an inspiration. Food 4 Souls and Diakonos church put forth the effort/support that I needed to get where I am today.”

Thank you for caring about being Jesus' hands and feet among people who need Him desperately. Together, we are starting churches that change their world in Jesus' name!


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