New Life in Brazil

Dec 20, 2016

A report from our Latin America Team Leader, Steve Adams:

Communitas starts churches who think, care, and act like Jesus in their neighborhoods... meeting real needs, serving widows and orphans, and inviting those around us into new life in Christ. Recently I was leading our "Connect" conference for our staff across Latin America. I had just arrived and checked into my room and decided to head down to the reception area to greet others as they arrived. Within a few minutes Communitas church planters from Recife, Brazil, pulled up in an Uber car. Their conversation with the driver continued after they got out of the car.

man in brazil.jpegI looked at them inquisitively and the wife said to me, "We just had a great conversation with this young man, and he decided he wants to follow Jesus." I was obviously delighted and asked, "Did you get his contact info? We can have someone from our Brasilia church follow up with him." She did so, and he drove away. I thought to myself, "Well, this is a pretty amazing start to the weekend!"

As I walked with the couple to the registration desk, she launched into another story. "We were supposed to have one more woman from our city with us, but she overslept and missed our flight. This was very, very unusual for her. She's very responsible and is also a light sleeper. She was devastated that the cost of rebooking for a later flight was very expensive. She won't be coming. But... when we got on the plane, the woman who was assigned to her seat sat down next to me and was clearly very upset. I asked her if she was okay, and we talked during the whole flight. By the time we reached Brasilia, I had prayed with her to receive Christ."

New Life in Christ! This is what we pray for and work toward throughout our mission! Please join us in praying for these two brand-new believers as we follow up on their decision to know Jesus personally. What an encouraging beginning for us at "Connect!" And it didn't go downhill from there. We had over 50 leaders and our theme of "Hope in Challenging Times: How to find it and share it" resonated deeply as they all seek to be Jesus' hands and feet in their cities.

We are so encouraged by how God is moving throughout our Latin American region, and we are encouraged and full of hope, as men, women, and children are finding new life in Christ through Communitas churches who think, care, and act like Jesus in their world. Thank you for your part in this amazing adventure with God.

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Curtiss Eric

Eric serves as Chief Operating Officer and CFO for Christian Associates. He holds an MBA, with emphasis in International Business, from Colorado State University-Pueblo and the CCNL credential from Christian Leadership Alliance. Eric is an entrepreneur, having started and run more than ten businesses, and he loves leading efficient and effective support systems for front-line missional movements. His favorite roles are husband of Nicole and father of Joshua and Grace, and during the winter months might find him skiing the mountains of Colorado.

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