For Such a Time as This

Mar 22, 2016

Brussels.PNGBrussels, Belgium

Our city is in pain today.

This morning our city was attacked - at the airport and in the metro. Many were killed, many more injured.

The metro station is a kilometer or so from our church office. Stories of near misses are pouring in from our community: a last minute flight cancellation, an impromptu decision to walk instead of take the metro, a friend of a friend who was on the metro when the bomb exploded, but is unhurt.

All day long sirens are sounding, police and ambulance vehicles rushing to respond to needs, helicopters hovering overhead. One of our CA staff, Linda, is recovering from a knee transplant in the Military Hospital - which is where the wounded from the airport attacks are being taken.

We are grateful to be receiving so many messages from all over the world with concerns for our safety, and for our city. Tears came to my eyes when I received this from our Serve the City leaders in Paris: 'Dear friends, we are Brussels today. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers.’

It’s Holy Week. The evil, the horror, the terror of today - this is the darkness for which Jesus died. And it’s the darkness over which Jesus triumphed when He rose from the dead. For today, but not just for today. The Risen Christ will establish His eternal kingdom of beauty, justice, and compassion.

At the beginning of Holy Week, Jesus, on His way to Jerusalem to die, wept over His city. 'As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it and said, “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace…' (Luke 19:41).

Jesus saw the city. He wept. He spoke over it a longing that it would know peace. Then He kept moving forward in self-sacrifice to be the peace that all of us need.

Pray with us that in these challenging days, Jesus would continue to make of us a well, from which people in Brussels may drink His living water. We are a community of faith and mission. We love, we serve, we believe - for such a time as this.

Grace and peace

For The Well and Christian Associates staff in Brussels


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